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“I tried to think of a more suiting word, but “rad” pretty much covers it all! The kinetic energy brought out by the guitar in the intro brings out a vibe which will make you want to sway and be one with the music. I closed my eyes and attempted to feel out what the intro had reminded me of, and then I got it… The flowing and revelry noises warp around each other to lead into an almost Beatles-esque atmosphere. Between the ringing guitar and trippy bass, each component slowly gather together to create one uniformed sound, and then the vocals cascade in freely.” – A Music Blog Yea?

“’Before I Was Born’ starts of the EP perfectly. The instrumentals blended with the vocals just meld the song together wonderfully… “Pass It Along” has to be one of my favorites. This song is one of those songs you can crank up in your car and take a nice long drive.”

“The vocals on this EP were fantastic throughout. Not knowing much about the band before listening, it was a pleasant surprise… The band is consistent and they kept the EP short and sweet. I’ll be wanting to hear more from them in the future.” –

“The Commuters secure their unique style for the entire EP. “Before I Was Born” is a song that borders on anthem-like in its declaration…A well rounded set of songs, “Before I Was Born” is an EP that’s on the track to success.” —

“New York City never fails to deliver some solid indie rock bands, and The Commuters is no exception. The four piece band is crafting some seriously cool tunes, and to prove it they’re bringing the premiere of their latest single “Before I Was Born”. With NYC roots and a worldwide appeal, the band is sure to steal your heart before the song’s three minutes is up.” –

“Driven by soft melodies and intimately personal lyrics, all four songs on Before I Was Born EP try to speak to your very soul and touch your heart. The music itself sounds like it’s transported right out of a different era, grabbing your attention with its uniqueness in comparison to today’s indie-rock sound. Whether or not you personally connect with these songs on a spiritual level or not, the talent shown by The Commuters on Before You Were Gone is more than enough to give it a shot.” –  Music Unlabeled

The Commuters make the kind of thoughtful rock music that resonates with all the right emotions and takes serious cues from heartfelt confessionals. Their new single, “Rescue,” is a prime example, utilizing soaring guitar work and deeply felt vocals to create a piece of music that’s as vulnerable as it is blunt.” –

“With their debut album “Rescue,” the band is well on the way to positioning itself on the forefront of today’s rock scene. “Rescue” is a collection of 11 anthemic rock songs that are sure to place the band among others like The Fray and Coldplay.” – Washington Square News

“As The Commuters’ opening song, “As I Make My Way” plays out, iTunes counting out our time together, I feel overwhelmed with images of a life I haven’t yet lived. Nightlights and performances fill my mind, urging me to get up and out, living each moment to its fullest-it is these exact feelings that The Commuters’ debut album, Rescue evoke.” – Infectious Magazine

“Jostling beside their fantastic lead single ‘As I Make My Way’, the eleven track release has a subtle mix of emotional issues and human faith… Terrific album: 8/10” – Mojophenia

“The band have a unique sound that combines the atmospheric indie parts that you love about Copeland and the Americana rock style of The Killers. The Commuters have found a special way to combine those two sounds and make it all their own.” – Rotten America

“Hailing from New York, The Commuters make music satisfying, introspective indie pop. In their new video for the track “Before I Was Born,” lead vocalist Zeeshan Zaidi wants to get personal. Throughout the video’s three and a half minutes we see Zaidi behind some psychedelic blue graphics and interesting special effects. The video is intimate… Inspired by “birth and death and the places they intersect,” both the song and video for “Before I Was Born” are thought provokingly lovely.” – Impose Magazine

“Such contrasting emotions make for an emotional song and video. The video… features bright blue kaleidoscopic graphics and animation with visuals which focus on the connecting piece between two of the most important people in Zaidi’s life. The songwriting on Before I Was Born reflect the band’s desire to move people with their music.” – Pure Grain Audio

“Another very different band has come forward to turn us on to great music. The Commuters (are) a great band.  Musically, they have a world style to them that is original and hard to pin down… Their name describes their sound. They are from all around the world, and it shows.  I love this band.  This might be the sound of the future.” – Audio Fuzz



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