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The Commuters make the kind of thoughtful rock music that resonates with all the right emotions and takes serious cues from heartfelt confessionals. Their new single, “Rescue,” is a prime example, utilizing soaring guitar work and deeply felt vocals to create a piece of music that’s as vulnerable as it is blunt.” –

“With their debut album “Rescue,” the band is well on the way to positioning itself on the forefront of today’s rock scene. “Rescue” is a collection of 11 anthemic rock songs that are sure to place the band among others like The Fray and Coldplay.” – Washington Square News

“The album rocked. An easy listening album with actual lyrics, music and the ability to evoke emotions. It really took me back to the days when you’d play an album as the soundtrack to your life.” – Brandon’s Box

“The Commuters have captivated the essence of personal experience. With a band from New York, I expected the sounds of the city. However, what I heard, were the tales of those individuals who bustle through crowds, quietly searching their minds, reflecting on the relationships of the people around them… I have to say that I have become rather attached to this band, if only because vocalist Zeeshan Zadi’s voice reminds me of Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody, but also because I recognize myself in these songs.” – Golden Mixtape blog

“As The Commuters’ opening song, “As I Make My Way” plays out, iTunes counting out our time together, I feel overwhelmed with images of a life I haven’t yet lived. Nightlights and performances fill my mind, urging me to get up and out, living each moment to its fullest-it is these exact feelings that The Commuters’ debut album, Rescue evoke.” – Infectious Magazine

“Simply damn good music… There is no surer way to know that the music you are listening to is good than to have someone say to you “What are you listening to?” Their voice usually has that lilting edge to it that is equal parts joy and excitement. The excitement is from finding something worth a real listening; not just for background noise, but to actually sit down and let it flow over you.” – Pop Culture Ate My Monkey Blog

“After hearing (“As I Make My Way”), I knew I had to share it. Not only does it have a really good melody and just sounds great…but I love the lyrics.  When a single song can connect upon your first listen, chances are there’s more good stuff where it came from.” – A Million Watts of Sound Blog

“There are not too many bands I come across that I can listen to one of their songs and know I will love the rest, but these guys did it for me.” – Losing My Political Mind Blog

“The Commuters have delivered Rescue, a friendly rock album that would work best as anthems on a large stage.…standouts such as the affirmative ‘We Are Breathing’, sombre ‘Fallen From Grace’ and catchy title track ensure that they are a band who deserves success.” – Wicked Mike Blog

“Jostling beside their fantastic lead single ‘As I Make My Way’, the eleven track release has a subtle mix of emotional issues and human faith… Terrific album: 8/10” – Mojophenia

“Top-tier alterna-rock, fitting right in place next to big arena rock torchbearers of 2012… Lyrics highlight disconnect, love lost, and failure, all accentuated by a flawless vocal performance from Zaidi… What makes the “The Commuters” more interesting than bigger acts in the same vein, is their sincerity. “The Commuters” are honest to their own sound and are never anything less than completely and entirely true to who they are.” – The Noise Beneath The Apple



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Fearless Music TV:  Airs on Fox TV NYC 12:30AM Saturday nights.  Also syndicated in over 200 cities in the US, 30 countries worldwide and 350 college TV Stations.  We taped 8 songs, which air once a week over 8 weeks.  Recorded, first air date TBD

Powerplay (Comcast, Cablevision and UATV, and military bases across the country).  Recorded, air dates TBD

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Erk FM: International, April 18, 2012: Erk FM: International 233; December 7, 2011: Erk FM: International 197

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(8)  RADIO:

“As I Make My Way” has charted at the following stations: KCSS [Turlock, CA] @ #7, RLC [Piscataway, NJ] @ #13, WLJS [Jacksonville, AL] @ #11, WMHD [Terre Haute, IN] @ #23, WONY [Oneonta, NY] @ #30, WAKE [Winston-Salem, NC] @ #21, WRDP [Chicago, IL] @ #12 & WMUR [Milwaukee, WI] #2

Extensive play at the following stations: WMBR [Cambridge, MA], WRUW [Cleveland, OH], WMNF [Tampa, FL], WNYU [New York, NY],  WAWL [Chattanooga, TN], WRPI [Troy, NY], KCSU [Fort Collins, CO], WRUV [Burlington, VT], KUCR [Riverside, CA], KFAI [Minneapolis, MN], KWVA [Eugene, OR], WTUL [Nashville, TN], WVFS [Tallahassee, FL], WWVU [Morgantown, VW], WBWC in Berea, OH, WBOR [Brunswick, ME], WHUS [Storrs, CT], KUOM [Minneapolis, MN], WCHC [Worcester, MA], WCNI [New London, CT], WRKC [Wilkes-Barre, PA], WBRS [Waltham, MA], & WCWM [Williamsburg, WA].

International radio play: Cambridge 105 (Cambridge, UK)


Radio Crystal Blue, November, 2011: Radio Crystal Blue; Phoenix Radio, November 5, 2011: Phoenix Radio; Best Unheard Music Radio, November 1, 2011: Best Unheard Music Radio; IM Radio, October 31, 2011: IM Radio; My Band Radio, October, 2011: My Band Radio;, October, 2011: Radio; I-SIS Radio (“Fallen From Grace”), October 18, 2011: The I-SIS Radio Show; Radio 5150, October 18, 2011: Radio 5150; Music Think Tank radio (“As I Make My Way”), September 27, 2011: Music Think Tank Radio; Word Outreach Radio (“Fallen From Grace”), October 24, 2011: Word Outreach Radio;


“As I Make My Way” is playing in the following retail chains: Starbucks, Gap, Hot Topic, Limited, Anthroplogie, Old Navy, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Steve Madden, Costco’s, Sam’s Clubs, BJs, ShopRite, Pathmark, Albertson’s, Shaws, Fresh Market, Acme, American Eagle, Tilly’s, JimmyZ, BP Nordstrom, Post Properties, Harley Davidson Canada, Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Foot Action, Metro PCS, and FYE.

“As I Make My Way” is also playing in the following fast food chains: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Carl’s Jr, Denny’s, and Hardee’s.


A3 Network (South Florida)

Bump Dat (San Francisco/Las Vegas: KTUD Ch 25/14, KRON Ch 4/LTVN Ch 35)  – Debut #14 Rock Chart 10/10

Bad Taste Music TV  (Rhode Island: Cox Cable/Ch 13, Verizon Cable/Ch 32) in Providence, N.Providence, Warwick, W. Warwick, Coventry, & East Greenwich

Hit Records Entertainment. Add, Airdate Info: Manhattan:TWC Channel 67; Bronx:Bronxnet Cable Channel 68; Brooklyn:TWC Channel 34/Sat @10:30pm, RCN Channel 82, Cablevision Channel 67, Verizon Channel 42; Connecticut: Comcast Cable Channel 14.

Rock & Roll Circus (PCTV Channel 21 in Pittsburgh)

The Music Scene (Comcast Ch 6 UT/ID/WY)

Video Hits Rock Show (Time Warner in Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo and Niagara)

Video Jam (Mass, CT, NH, N.Dakota, IA)


Official supporter of the “Football For Good” public awareness campaign of NFL Star Running Back Adrian Peterson, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: